Environment & Sustainability


At HPR, we are dedicated to reducing our environmental impact through continuous improvement to our sustainable practices. We employ two Environmental Champions in our management team, as well as working with external sustainability consultants. This enables us to find new ways to streamline our business practices and reduce wastage.

As conservation specialists, we work closely with architects, archaeologists, structural engineers and other industry experts to ensure we sensitively handle and preserve heritage throughout the UK. As a result, we produce an environmental plan for work on Listed Buildings and protected Heritage Estates. As a result of our effective environmental management system, we are ISO 14001:2015 accredited.

We believe in a fair and competitive business environment. We always strive to source our products locally and to support local businesses, even if this results in additional incurred costs. Our fleet of vans are regularly updated to minimise our carbon footprint. Employee transportation to and from our sites are planned and coordinated, to reduce mileage through improving the efficiency of lift sharing. 

It is our view that operating sustainably for our employees, the wider society and the planet, is equally important as financial performance when considering the core foundations of doing business today. We ensure that this philosophy is incorporated into the long-term vision and strategy of HPR.