Scheduled Ancient Monuments


Historic Property Restoration Ltd is able to offer unparalleled experience in the repair and consolidation of ancient monuments. Many of our employees have enjoyed a lifetime career working on such structures.

Indeed many have worked alongside the late Professor John Ashurst in the physical development of the conservation techniques that we take for granted today. At sites such as Fountains Abbey and Rievaulx Abbey, our long association of repair activity has become part of the ongoing historic record of the place.

There is unlikely to be another company who can demonstrate the number of personnel we have with twenty or thirty years of experience ‘working on the monuments’.

Our awareness of the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas Act, and frequency of working hand-in-hand with archaeologists, means we fully appreciate the complexity in planning and programming and the finer detail that result from working under Scheduled Monument Consent conditions.

Many of our projects include the consolidation and repair of walled ruins where our craftsmen are able to draw upon their wealth of experience to consolidate and repair without drastic visual intrusion.

Nowadays, there is a greater awareness and understanding of the value of ecological and environmental matters. If required, our sensitive repair and conservation techniques are able to respect this organic life leaving these structures looking less sterile, and thus remaining picturesque.